My mom can really jump rope

My mother is in her 50s and in very good shape.

She swears by jumping rope for cardio.

My mother started out with a basic rope that she used for maybe 10 minutes in the beginning of her normal work out. She started out just working to eliminate the pre jump in between the rope as it came around. Then she began trying to cross the rope, kick and even jump on one foot. My mother’s workouts have now changed. She has a special jump rope that allows the rope to quickly pass through. She has different weights of ropes and a jump rope app she uses to freshen up her workout. She can now turn, run, hop back and forth and do a whole combination of drills while jumping rope. It is an amazing sight to see. I stupidly thought jumping rope wouldn’t be that hard. Yes, it took my mother months to get to that point. Since I am half her age and in good physical shape, I figured I would be fine. Well I am terrible with a jump rope. I can’t even jump for 5 straight minutes without feeling like I am dying. I can only jump with feet together or alternating feet too. I am no way ready to try tricks. I can see where it would be an amazing workout too. Even after five minutes my heart rate is going crazy, my butt, legs and arms all hurt. I don’t remember that sensation when I was a little kid and jumped rope.

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