My parents were always hard working and set a good example for us kids

My parents were always hard working people.

I didn’t get to see my father all that much because he worked 3 jobs. My mother had her job and took care of us kids. Because of all they did for us, we were actually thankful for everything that we had. The bills were expensive so I always understood when we had to make sacrifices for the sake of just getting by. I remember there were times even in the winter when we had to lower the temperature on the thermostat so that the energy bills wouldn’t be overly expensive. Fortunately when I became older, I learned more about energy saving tips and I tried to work smarter, not harder. I still worked hard in life and I worked hard for the promotions at my job. Now I have a pretty nice home with a highly energy efficient HVAC system. I never wanted to have to cut back on the things that are important like keeping my family safe and warm through the frosty nights of the winter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for everything that my parents did for us kids when we were young, but I just work a little differently than how my parents did. They are actually impressed with what I have done with my home and how I utilize energy saving tips to save a good amount of money. This is why I have blackout curtains in the summer along with energy efficient light bulbs. I realize they didn’t have all of those things back then, so I never could blame my parents for anything, I’m just glad that they set such a good example!

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