My partner gets annoyed about this every time we watch a film

For some unknown reason when I try to watch a motion picture, I will fall asleep before it ends.

Even if I start off with all the energy, this is usually what happens.

As a young guy, I used to go to the motion picture theaters all the time and would usually end up dozing off sometime through the motion picture. I would go for the affordable matinee motion pictures with friends. My buddies always asked me why I would go to the motion pictures all the time just to nap. I guess it might be because of the air conditioning. The motion picture theaters would always crank the A/C systems practically at full blast. I was fond of the cool air that was blowing from those commercial A/C systems, and perhaps it was just too comfortable. That’s what lulled me to sleep. Even now when I try to watch motion pictures with my partner in our apartment, it’s the same. I usually adjust the temperature control settings to get the A/C program providing the right amount of cooling. Minutes into the film, I am snoozing on the couch. My partner leaves me on the couch when that happens. There are some motion pictures that are fascinating so I don’t fall asleep. However, most of them I can’t stay up. I also like to watch interesting cable shows or play games. I often don’t doze off during those times, and sporadically I guess that I just don’t have the deal to stay up. Maybe it’s what I eat or I don’t get enough exercise, I’m not sure.



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