My wife and Mike's wife were already making plans for an amazing grand opening. You have no idea how surprised we were when we came to work and found new business cards sitting on our desks. They had all the information needed for both the plumbing, HVAC and joined business, on each business card. When they came into the building toting food, we were shocked. They had everything set up outside the building for an old fashioned BBQ. They had the grills set up for hamburgers and hot dogs. There were about ten different foods that went with the meats. There was even a DJ setup and playing music. Everyone was joining in and having a good time. We were welcoming our company into their homes. We got a lot of prospective customers that afternoon, and a few jobs lined up. I was so proud of what they had done when we weren’t looking. I was happy with the business we were bringing in and we hadn’t officially opened the plumbing and HVAC business. Over the next two weeks, we were already getting more customers than we were sure we could handle. They were mostly coming from the people who had been to the BBQ,while some were referrals from our previous customers.

His reputation followed him.


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