Need a better furnace this winter

It looks easily elaborate, classy & almost rustic

My heat pump plan just died & our husband is on myself and others to get a modern one, however just because the modern home came with a heat pump doesn’t mean I have to buy another one. I absolutely wasn’t a fan of using a heat pump system. It moves existing heat energy rather than creates it, doing this means it is easily energy efficient. However, if you live in a freezing section where the un-even temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the heat pump is not definitely effective. Around one month out of the year our heat pump is virtually worthless. I would need to use space oil heating systems to supply supplemental heating. My husband might not have cared how exhausting the modern home looked, despite the fact that I did. I am thinking I want a more heavy duty furnace. I could get high velocity AC to be used most of the year & then get a fireplace for the residing room. I have been looking online & there are some beautiful fireplaces out there. I found one that has a faux wood burning fire with a glass front plate. There is also a little ledge you can sit on & a top mantle to put things on. It looks easily elaborate, classy & almost rustic. I suppose adding that to the residing room will definitely make the room pop, but getting the gas fireplace installed does not seem to be a complicated process either. I suppose the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist could do the furnace replacement in one day without a hitch. I am willing to pay a little more not to freeze this winter.

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