Need HVAC for my work out room

I work out in my shed 7 days a week.

I really have made the space awesome. I bought folding mats to completely cover the floor. I added a sound system in there that makes it so I don’t need headphones. I have free weights, jump ropes and wobble boards mounted on the walls. I even invested in a punching bag and speed bag to do a kickboxing workout. I just love my little space and I look forward to working out daily. The only snag is temperature control. In the winter the shed’s cement and loose drywall makes it freezing cold. I bought a space heater but that only helps somewhat. I start the heater hours before I need to workout. Even with teh space heater set at 80 degrees, I still have a chilly workout. The summer might be worse though. I use a box fan for cooling relief and it doesn’t do much. I get so fatigued and sweaty. I get lazy and I am prone to injuries when it is hot. I have to set an alarm and work out before 8 am unless I want to exercise in 90 degree heat. It is pretty awful. I have thought about buying a ductless mini split. I think it would be awesome to have heating and cooling all year around. I would never have to worry about being at the wrong temperature or a bad workout. It would add value to the home for sure too. I think adding one would be quite simple.

hybrid hvac system

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