Needed a deep cleaning done on my new restaurant

My brother was taking over the eating establishment from dad.

Dad had started the business back in the 80s.

The eating establishment survived so several things & was still strong in the entire community. But dad was getting older & just wanted to retire from it. My sibling had learned a lot under him & was the best person to take over as head chef. Plus, my brother had all the culinary resources & experience from working abroad. The eating establishment was in great condition when dad handed it over. I was in charge of the business side based on my experience. Every one of us worked as a pair & knew we’d make the place even greater. However, there were a few things both of us wanted to take care of. First, both of us had to get the space fixed up to fit the new trend. We gave the staff a month off & closed the space for quick renovations. They ended up lasting around three months after which both of us needed some deep cleaning services. The business had opened some issues & both of us realized the place wasn’t so clean. We wanted a commercial cleaning contractor to come in & make the eating establishment look good. That meant using the best cleaning products to get rid of all the grime that had accumulated for years. As the cleaning service worked, we realized some of the equipment was too ancient. Our budget was good, so we bought new appliances too. Our cleaning crew did such a great task that both of us signed a contract to engage in their cleaning services more than two times a year.

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