Our son caught the house on fire

The rug looks nice, so I’m not exactly disappointed with the look

It wasn’t fun when our son almost caught the house on fire; The two of us had a fire going in the fireplace which was making the whole venue nice & toasty. Then our son got a single of the pokers & was trying to either get the logs burning right or he was just playing around, but seemed care about was playing around to myself and others because he ended up knocking a burning piece of wood out of the fireplace & onto the hardwood floors; I dashed to get the fire extinguisher but didn’t get it before there was a fire on the hardwood floor! The floor was flaming when I got to it with the extinguisher & I was able to put it out right away luckily. The concerned thing is the floor is singed & has a big black spot on it now. It’s a pretty ugly look. I was thinking about having that area of hardwood floor replaced, even though I can’t find the style of hardwood floors every one of us have in stock at any beach house improvement store. In the meantime, I have just been keeping it covered with a rug. The rug looks nice, so I’m not exactly disappointed with the look. I just told our son that he will not be touching the fireplace for any reasons at all, and he basically lost his privilege to tend to the fireplace. I don’t think what he was thinking & he swears it was an accident, even though I really can’t risk having our house burned down because the fireplace is being played with. I let him adjust the temperature control settings sometimes though.

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