Overdoing It

There’s a such thing as overdoing too much of a relaxing thing, and this was the case at the last place I worked at… They had the best central heating as well as air conditioner method component I have ever experienced in a commercial building! It was one of those rooftop Heating as well as A/C systems to be exact. And the central heating as well as cooling in this place was beyond charming. However, they would regularly been overdoing it. In the overheated summers they would crank the central air conditioner to the point where I felt appreciate I was in an ice box as well as begging to know the deadly heat from outside! It was really a relief to step out into one hundred plus degree temperatures for a few hours after being in that overdone air conditioner for various minutes. It was the same thing in the Wintertide weeks of the year. They would crank the central heating so high that I felt appreciate I was going to pass out occasionally. I had to go out into the cold cold just to breathe easy… Others felt the same exact way I did too; Eventually, I ended up quitting that task all because of the overdone central heating as well as air conditioner! My body just couldn’t take it anymore; No matter how much we complained about it, they did nothing to change it. Others followed after me. And from what I heard, after losing about 10 employees because of the central heating as well as air conditioner method unit, they finally began setting the control component at a relaxing temperature.


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