Personal training speeds recovery

A little over two years ago, I got into a bad car accident.

Another motorist failed to yield right of way at an intersection.

He drove straight into my driver’s side door. My vehicle was demolished so badly that the jaws of life were required to get me out. I was stuck in the hospital for several weeks and required two separate surgeries. They put pins in both knees. The pain was just terrible. After physical rehabilitation, I was still limited in what I could physically manage. I was not capable of driving. I couldn’t even manage to go up and down the stairs. I was having a great deal of difficulty sleeping. I wasn’t able to return to work and I couldn’t workout. I wouldn’t take prescription painkillers due to the potential long-term side-effects. I took nothing but Aleve. Being sedentary all day, unable to return to normal life led to feelings of depression. I was super unhappy and had no hope for improvement. My cousin recommended that I sign up with a personal trainer. I really doubted that this idea would lead to anything but further aggravation, but I was agreeable to anything. I looked for a personal trainer who concentrates on recovery after injury. We had a consultation where we discussed my injury, pain level and my long-term goals. We decided to meet up four evenings per week. The personal trainer then developed a customized workout plan. The first couple of weeks were challenging. I felt sore all the time. I also felt proud of what I was accomplishing and steadily saw an increase in range of motion, stamina and strength. Thanks to the personal training, I have gone back to work. I can drive my car again, enjoy a good night’s sleep and I’m increasing my expectations for myself.


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