Physically demanding job

I work as a gymnastics instructor.

I am also a high school cheer coach.

My jobs are very physically demanding. I work with kids from the ages of 2 to eighteen years old. I need to be able to physically support them as they attempt new skills. It’s my responsibility to assist & spot their body in a manner that the kids can complete the more difficult maneuvers without getting injured. Sometimes, this simply requires a light touch to provide them confidence. At other times, I am prepared to catch their whole body weight. Because I am knowledgeable about where to place my hands & how to position my own body to spot properly, the kids are able to safely try more challenging skills. I prevent them from getting hurt. I need to be physically strong and fit. It’s essential for me to take good care of my whole body. I am conscientious about exercising every day. I concentrate primarily on stretching & strength training. At only five feet, 3 inches tall & 117 pounds, I am not a huge person. The majority of situations, I have no problem managing the demands of spotting. I am often a little sore & stiff at the end of the work day. Now & then, one of the kids does something surprising & I might get hurt. I have been smacked in the face numerous times. I’ve pulled a few muscles. The worst of the injuries was tearing my psoas muscle. I have never felt such terrible pain in my life. That injury kept me from doing my job for three weeks. I had trouble managing to stand, walk, sit or sleep through the pain.


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