Plantar fasciitis is caused by poor shoes and too much running

I have purchased sneakers designed for running

I have especially high arches in my feet. This has led to some issues. The combination of high arches & jogging in poor quality sneakers caused plantar fasciitis. I first began running because I had no other way to workout. There are no gyms or fitness centers located in my area. At that time, I didn’t have the money to cover a membership anyway. I got married super young, & for several years, we had very little money. We then had three kids very close together in age. It was nearly impossible to cover the expense of diapers, formula, baby clothes, groceries & the mortgage on the house. I was forever looking for ways to reduce expenses. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I looked for ways to exercise that didn’t necessitate an investment into specialized equipment. I started running simply for an option that was free. I ran in cheap sneakers that were old & purchased for under fifteen dollars at a KMart. They weren’t intended for running & offered no support for my arches. I ran at least five miles every afternoon, without taking the time to warm up, cool down or provide my joints and muscles days off to rest. I made every type of mistake & then developed plantar fasciitis. The pain ran from the balls of my feet all the way to my heels. It felt as if my arches were splitting open with every step I took. I struggled to walk or sleep through the night, and running was not an option. I researched the subject and learned that I needed to rest my feet, stretch them & ice them. I also found out that overuse & poor quality footwear were the cause. It took me a couple of years to heal my feet enough to be able to run again. Now, I only allow myself to run once or twice per week. I have purchased sneakers designed for running. I give my feet a rest in-between those days with no impact workouts. I go swimming, ride my bike or lift weights.
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