Portable Fan Turns Out to Be Great Idea

A couple of years ago, my supervisor at work and I had to plan an event.

We would be having colleagues coming from all over the country, many of whom had never visited our beautiful state. The problem was, however, that it was in the summer and it was going to be extremely hot. My boss insisted on having the event about two hours away from where we live because nothing was “suitable” in our little city. I thought that was ridiculous, but since I wasn’t the boss, there was nothing I could do about it. Part of the evening was going to involve walking in the southern heat, as well, and the thought of it was making me feel ill. I went out and bought myself a personal portable cooling fan. The cooling fan is really a plastic container with fan blades on top. You fill it with water and spray mist on yourself. Al;l my colleagues made fun of me for getting the cooling fan, but when the time came and we were all outside doing all those things that were planned, everyone was asking to borrow my little cooling fan. It was hilarious. We took a trolley, and even the driver wanted to know if he could try out my little personal cooling device. Because we worked for a religious company, part of the event was a trip to a little chapel that is about three hundred years old. Of course, it doesn’t have air conditioning! This was in August! The bishop celebrated Mass for everyone, and all we had was box fans – and I, of course, had my little personal cooling fan! It turned out to be a great idea!

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