Preparing your system before your vacation

While there is no doubt plenty of other pre-vacation planning and preparation measures on the list, have you decided what to do about your AC system while you’re gone? One way an AC system does its job is by removing humidity.

So turning it off not only keeps the cool air away, but allows indoor humidity to build up without necessary restraints.

For optimum comfort and proper home care, keep levels between 30 to 50% relative humidity. A simple hygrometer available at a local Home Center will help you keep track. Without humidity control your likely to face mold buildup on surfaces and in the air, musty smells and odors, peeling paint, and warped wood furniture. Turning off the AC system during your vacation also can lead to refrigerator damage from added stress, food spoilage in your pantry, and damage to sensitive electronics. Keeping your AC system on doesn’t mean maintaining cool and comfortable temperatures. You just want the interior to be cool enough to prevent damage from high heat and humidity. The setting of 83 to 86 degrees should be adequate, which means you will have a nice reduction on your next electricity bill. For a greater peace of mind consider replacing your main thermostat with a programmable model that also includes a Wi-Fi accessible app. That way, you can keep track of your AC systems performance during your absence and contact a professional if you detect a problem. If it’s been a year or longer since your AC system was last cleaned and inspected you should call a local HVAC professional to schedule service. That way, if any minor problems are uncovered they can be repaired with time to spare.


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