Problems from working out in the heat

In my local area, the summer weather is hot and humid.

The temperatures climb into the mid nineties nearly every day.

I make an effort to get up super early and get my workout done in the morning. I hope to stay ahead of the heat of the afternoon. Even that early in the morning, the conditions are especially hot and sticky. I don’t have sufficient room inside the air conditioned house to complete a strenuous workout. There is always a possibility of causing damage to furnishings. I need plenty of square footage to perform my various stretches, lunges, squats, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. I am a big fan of jumping rope, going for a run or riding my bike. Exercising in the extreme heat results in some challenges. I wind up sweating profusely and have to be conscientious about proper hydration. I’ve recently started dealing with cramping in my calves. It hurts so bad that I’m having some trouble walking. I gogglied online and learned that this issue can be caused by strenuous physical activity in high heat. I know that I’m actually stressing my muscles. However, I am not willing to stop working out because of the weather. I’m now considering the idea of building a shed in the backyard. I would have my own space where I could set up a gym. I could add a window air conditioner to cool the area down. While it would be a big investment, I am convinced it would be worth it. I’d take advantage of the home gym every day. I could then buy workout equipment. I’d like to have an elliptical. This type of machine would lessen the impact on my joints. I’d no longer be stuck working out in the heat, humidity, rain or any weather condition.

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