Putting a ductless mini split in my home recording studio

I was willing to take a job writing radio and TV commercial jingles as long as it meant that I could create music for a living.

I am self-taught on piano, guitar, and drums; however, a lot of the music is created in a digital audio workstation software program with digital MIDI instruments. That’s partially why I quit paying to rent outside studios for tracking instruments, knowing that most of the mixing and production work is going to be done on my own computer anyway. But that meant one thing—I had to build a minimally-sized home recording studio if I wanted to record live instruments at my house. Luckily I have a basement that is only used for storage. I had all of the space down there that I needed to build a home studio. Buying the music equipment and hardware was just half the battle, I also had to remodel the space and remove a few walls. The other component was dealing with indoor climate control like heating, cooling, and ventilation. I considered getting a second central HVAC system for the basement until I came upon ductless mini split technology. Not only are these systems like a miniature central HVAC system that lacks ductwork, but they also come with heat pumps now so you’re not limited to just air conditioning. Buying a ductless mini split heat pump isn’t cheap by any means, but it still came out to be more affordable than a separate central HVAC system for the basement. The ventilation system would have cost thousands of dollars on top of the air handler and condenser unit.




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