Putting AC into an seasoned shack

After my bestie gave myself and others the boot I stayed in my car for a few mornings.

My pal let myself and others park in her side yard at night, however that was the best I could do for a while.

Then she connected myself and others with her cousin Ruis who owned a few acres outside of town; Ruis had a couple of seasoned buildings on her property, plus if I wanted to repair a single of them up she would let myself and others stay in it until she needed it. Which might be in a few weeks, or might be never, there was no way to tell, however it was still the best offer I had to work with. For the next month I kept sleeping in my car, because it had air conditioner plus the weather was genuinely humid. I spent the mornings cleaning up the arena, which was a herculean effort I must say, plus then the mornings passed out from exhaustion in the glory of the car’s AC. When the arena was nice enough for myself and others to stay in, I started hunting around for a used AC unit. I needed a single of those old, small a/cs you could mount in a window plus plug in. Not that the arena had electricity, but I thought I could get a cheap generator, which would be enough to power the AC, a fridge, plus maybe even a gaming system. Once I get all those things set up, plus I can sleep on a cot with some real cooling, this might even be better than residing with my bestie.


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