Ready for less gas furnace use plus more Heating and A/C cooling

It’s a source of wonderment that I lasted a year much less almost 2 decades enduring the toughest Winters in much of the world.

  • It would be a massive accomplishment if I was from that area.

That’s why I’m sort of amazed that I was able to make it given that I hail from the south. I moved up here right out of college. A supplier I desperately wanted to job for was based here plus that was good enough for me. I had no system that Heating and A/C heating would be so central to our living. Coming from the south, I knew that I would be in for a difficult time. The Winter I knew had the Heating and A/C heat pump turn on a dozen times over the chilly weeks. I might have to wear a sweatshirt or a blazer. So, it was a important change to say the least. Needless to say, that first Winter, I was never outside of the Heating and A/C heating much at all. I just had no system what to make of such a brutal, stinging cold. And the fact that it went of for week after week just about sank me. But, I found that I enjoyed our job plus wanted to brick our place with the supplier. That has paid off for me, at long last. The supplier is opening up an office in the south plus I get to head it up. I am happy that I will once again be treated to such great weather. And, I will happily trade the Heating and A/C natural gas furnaces for the Heating and A/C cooling of the hot, hot Summers. At least, I won’t be dealing with snow plus ice much longer.

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