Riding my bike is such an enjoyable workout

I make a point to workout each and every day.

I consider physical exercise as a necessary aspect of my routine.

It’s as important as glossing my teeth or shampooing my hair. I believe that taking proper care of my body has benefited me as I’ve grown older. While I’ve watched many of my peers slow down and need medications & surgeries. I’ve suffered no major health problems. I am conscientious about what I eat & drink. I am diligent about getting enough sleep. My workouts incorporate a wide variety of activities. I start each workout by thoroughly stretching & warming up my muscles and joints. I am convinced that stretching is one of the most important things I do. I also include plenty of work to strengthen core muscles for the sake of good balance. I often go for 8 mile runs, jump rope, swim laps or paddle my kayak out on a nearby lake. One of my preferred workouts is riding my bike. I find it helpful to have access to a paved bike path near home. The bike path does not allow motorized vehicles, making it especially safe for riding. The path travels over sixty miles in either direction & cuts through wooded areas. I like to watch for different varieties of birds, squirrels, chipmunks & even turtles along our path. I have my water bottle, phone & a cordless speaker attached to the bike. I have everything I need. I play music, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun beating down on my skin. To elevate the intensity of the workout, I switch to a high gear and push myself to pedal faster.
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