Running a wood shop means you need a nice HVAC system

If you’re going to run a wood shop care about the 1 that my sister and I run, then you’re going to need to make sure that you have a really nice humidifier and a top of the line HVAC system; When the two of us first started out working in our woodshop, the two of us only had a crappy seasoned heating method out there.

Every one of us didn’t have a humidifier or anything and the two of us started to wonder why some of our pieces were getting warped beyond recognition.

When the two of us thought about it, the two of us realized that it was because the thermostat and the humidity in the woodshop weren’t maintaining a regular, consistent temperature most of the time, and that sort of thing really messes with the condition of the wood, then of course, since the two of us were basically new at this type of thing, the two of us didn’t feel that the heating method and humidity were going to be a concern for us! Now, though, the two of us feel that 1 of the most substantial things about working with wood is having a really high quality heating and cooling system, and you have to have perfect indoor air conditions if you’re going to be working in a woodshop. Every one of us ended up calling 1 of the local commercial heating and cooling companies here in city and they were able to get us fixed right up. Now, our woodshop has really good indoor air conditions and our projects are turning out better than ever… I feel the two of us should have thought about it before the two of us started up the shop, however I’m thrilled that the commercial HVAC company was able to help us out.

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