Running the A/C all day is very bad for your machine

There are a lot of things I did back then that I certainly wouldn’t do now.

I used to hang out with all of the wrong people, and it is true what they say, if you hang around bad people, you will become like them yourself.

So surround yourself with good, hardworking and motivated people, and you will soon see those traits appear in yourself. I also made many mistakes with romance as well. I went off with people that had so many waving red flags, it could’ve been an entire army. But enough of that, my most recent issue has been my air conditioning system. I just recently had a brand new HVAC installation occur at my home yesterday afternoon. The HVAC servicemen lugged the old A/C unit out of my home, and made room for the new one. It was sad to see the old one go, mostly because of my own carelessness. With the old air conditioning component, I would run it all day, every day, and never give it a break. I didn’t realize how that could drastically shorten the lifespan of the A/C machine. I just wanted the wonderful cooling air all day. I also used cheap air filters, and never got any kind of HVAC tune ups. With all of those factors combined, the neglect to the cooling machine was too much and it broke down early. Since it couldn’t be repaired, I had to get a new one. I have learned my expensive lesson. I have recently signed up for the HVAC service plan, and I am now using high quality HEPA air filters. I will not make the same mistakes I made before.

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