Smart condo calls the fire department

I have always enjoyed my smart temperature control! Ever since it was installed I have wondered how I lived without it before. It is nice to be able to adjust your temperature even when you are not home. I appreciate not having to get up out of bed before turning the a/c to a warmer setting… Being able to adjust the temperature control from my cellphone is legitimately nice, however yesterday something happened that has made me a little aggravated at my smart temperature control. I was driving condo from labor after being cold cold all day… A cold front went through this area last night. I thought it would sizzling up as the day progressed but it did not, however so I decided to turn on my condo furnace before leaving the office. It was the first time turning on the furnace in over 8 months, but well, when I got condo the fire department was parked on my grass. Apparently my furnace smoked when it turned on plus my smoke detectors went off. Since my smoke detectors are section of my smart house, the fire department was called, and thankfully there was no real emergency. The smoke smell burned off from my furnace suddenly. But I l received my lesson. I should get my furnace serviced before turning it on each year, and or, at least not turn the furnace on when I’m not home. But, appreciate I said, this is the first incident where I have regretted using my smart temperature control. Smart homes are the future plus I method to be a section of that future. Of course there are going to be some hiccups along the way.



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