Space Heater Do’s and Don'ts

As the air outside begins to cool down, the two of us beginning turning up the hot and cold temperatures on control units and pull out the space heating systems from storage to stay warm.

Space heating systems are popular and affordable and are a enjoyable option for heating small spaces or supplementing existing oil furnaces.

However, there are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to operating a space furnace safely in your home. Be sure to use a space furnace that has been tested and certified by new safety standards. Invest in a quality space heater, however lots of models come with safety features. For example, some models have the ability to shut off automatically if they are hot or if a person or object becomes too close. Keep around 3 feet of space around the furnace at all times to avoid a fire… Use wall plug-ins rather than extension cords or outlet strips. Unplug the device every time you have to leave the room. Make sure you have an active smoke alarm in every room where you are using a space heater. Don’t place your space furnace in a room with excessive dampness. For example, avoid placing a space furnace in a powder room. Do not use your space furnace while you are out of the room or while you are sleeping. Space furnace should always be placed on hard flat surfaces so do not place your space furnace on any furniture or carpet.

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