Stray cats need love too

My sister has always had a soft spot for cats.

When she moved into this new neighborhood, one of the big problems was that there were stray cats all over the place. So of course, she decided she wanted to feed the cats, and before she knew it, there were a bunch of cats hanging around her apartment all of the time. When I went to visit her last, she had a ton of cats inside her place too, and I asked her what was going on with all the cats, and she said she wanted to let them inside so they could relax with the air conditioner. She was right, they were definitely comfortable with the air conditioning system alright. A bunch of cats were huddled around different Heating and Air Conditioning vents in the home. I asked her if she was concerned about her air filters clogging up. She said she didn’t mind having to change out the air filters more often, she loved all of these cats. She said she was planning on having all of them neutered or spayed, at least as much as she could afford. She explained how the amount of stray cats was becoming a problem, and she felt somebody had to look out for them. I have to give it to her, she has a big heart and she’s without a doubt the best thing for all of those stray cats. She gives them all baths and everything and gives them quality cat food as well. I don’t know how she can afford it all, taking care of these cats and changing out the air filters more often for her Heating and Air Conditioning, although she doesn’t seem to mind.

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