The air purifier was acting very weird

I have always suffered from seasonal allergies, but I never worried about the indoor air until the quarantine occurred. I was at the hardware store picking up some light bulbs and I noticed all of the shelves that contain indoor air cleaning machines were completely empty. There was a single air purifier on the top rack. I thought everyone knew something that I didn’t, so I had the store clerk retrieve the last air purifier from the top shelf. I used the air purifier every single day. I absolutely like the fresh and clean smell in my apartment. The air purifier has an air filter that needs to be changed monthly. The air filters are a bit expensive at the hardware store, but I found a great deal online and ordered six at a time. Last month the air purifier was acting very strange. There is a flashing light on top of the machine that alerts me when it is time to change the air filter. The light normally flashes once a month, but last month the light kept flashing even after I changed the air filter. I unplugged the machine and hoped it would reset the computer. The light was still flashing. I read through the troubleshooting manual and found three reasons why the light would continue to flashed even after the air filter was changed. I tried each one of the solutions. There was dust inside of the compartment near the bottom of the air purifier. Once I cleaned the dust from the center area, the air purifier started acting normal again.

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