The cooling corporation is a family business in the capital city

It all began as an idea, and my dad had visited his friend and seen his friend’s dad work on their air conditioner.

In those days, only the wealthy had such sophisticated HVAC equipment, and for my dad to see this cooling equipment in person was fascinated.

He asked the cooling specialist so many questions. Years later, dad got his first job as a junior cooling representative who dealt with all types of cooling products in a store downtown. He worked his way up the ladder until the director of a renowned company. He interacted with professionals in the cooling industry and learned more about air conditioning. He would also visit training institutions and offer lessons to upcoming cooling specialists. He worked for the company for fifteen years before he started his small cooling corporation. At first, he faced so many challenges, but the industry network he had to build over the years helped him grow his business. Within three years, dad’s company was known to be the leader in providing help with indoor comfort. The cooling techs would be fully booked for jobs such as air conditioning repairs and installations. We grew up with dad toiling away in the company. We would visit him at the office and have the time of our lives. Dad dismissed our questions about quality air conditioners or any other cooling product; that way, we got to learn so much about his job. I remember helping him replace our old system with a mini split air conditioner. The company is now well-renowned in the heart of the country. We have about seven hundred employees and branches scattered all over the country. My siblings and I all work at the company but in different capacities.

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