The coupon allowed us to save 20% on the AC

My wife and I contacted the AC repair company last Tuesday, because a strange noise was coming from the machine. The AC unit appeared to be working just fine. It was cooling the air and maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Still, the strange noise caused me to wonder if there was an issue. I called the AC repair company that normally services our system. They came to the house the following day to troubleshoot the strange noise. My wife and I did not expect bad news from the technician, especially since our AC unit was cooling the air and appeared to be working just fine. The AC repair technician told both of us that we needed to replace the unit. The sound was the air compressor. It needed to be replaced. The technician was surprised that it was still running. The cost to repair the problems and replace the air compressor was significant. My wife and I were beside ourselves with frustration. The repair technician told us about a coupon in one of the local magazines. The coupon allowed us to save 20% on the repair. My wife and I went to three different stores before we found one of the free local magazines. Sure enough, on page 18 we found a coupon from the AC repair company for 20% off any service over $500. The coupon saved us $150 on the repair. The tech didn’t have to tell us about the coupon, but I’m sure glad that he did. We used the savings to buy new curtains for the living room.


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