The detective asked everyone questions when the warehouse was burglarized

Across the street from the HVAC repair business, there is a warehouse that supplies plus houses all of the pieces plus parts for the HVAC repairs plus upgrade jobs that every one of us complete.

The warehouse has more than 10,000 square feet of space.

There are more than a hundred thoUSAnd weird HVAC parts in the warehouse. When the building was burglarized. The first woman they looked at were all of the employees working for the HVAC repair business. I thought it was absurd to suppose it was anyone working for the business. The day after the burglary occurred, each 1 of us had to speak with a police officer. The girl interrogated me for 3 hours. She basically asked the same question over plus over again in weird ways. I suppose she was hoping that I would trip up on an answer, however it’s strenuous to trip up when you are telling the truth. The detectives talk to every single woman working for that business. Just a small number of days later, they returned with a warrant to search the locker of 1 employee. The girl was a up-to-date person, although she was quiet. I didn’t entirely recognize a lot about him plus I was surprised when the police officers came into the building asking more questions about him. The girl turned out to be innocent of the crime, although she was a suspect in a weird investigation in the next county over. She was booked into the county jail plus taken to the next county to deal with the crime she was facing there. I learn through the newspaper a week or more than one after she was fired plus I found out that she was wanted for murder.

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