The expenses with my kitchen remodel

My kitchen needs some serious help. I want to do a full remodel without spending too much money. I don’t think that is going to happen though. My kitchen needs all new cupboards, countertops and appliances. I also want to get a contractor in to do stuff. I need the window expanded, a door moved and I also want to move the stove. I know that won’t be cheap. Of course the backsplash I feel in love with is almost 20 bucks per foot. The expenses just seem to keep coming up. Recently I came to the conclusion that I need to do something about HVAC in the kitchen. I can get away with no AC since I live in the north. I need to provide a heater though. Right now my kitchen has a ventless heater that is horrible. It basically blows out cold air and threatens to light on fire due to how dirty it is. I have blown air out of it and gotten professional heating service. It is still awful. I need to rip it out and get a new heater. I kind of like the idea of radiant heating. That will double my flooring price though. However, I will have even heat in the kitchen without it taking up any square footage. The radiant heating system will be silent in operation and won’t allow dirty indoor air quality. I might need to shell out the big bucks for it. I really want it. It will make my kitchen so modern and classy. No other heater can do that.

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