The guys tracked mud through the whole house

My wifey plus I had a brand new heat pump plus cooling system installed in our beach house last week, neither one of us wanted to wait until the Winter time season to have the new heat pump installed. All of us knew it was a requirement, because the heat pump was failing last season, but of course both of us procrastinated plus waited until the last hour to make the variations. The afternoon when the heat pump plus cooling system were installed, it rained all afternoon. It was absolutely irritated weather, especially since both of us had people walking in plus out of our beach house all afternoon. I don’t know the afternoonlight shined for a single hour that afternoon. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair servicemans tracked mud all over our home. There was mud in the kitchen plus mud in the bedroom. There was mud all over the floor in the bedroom. There was even mud in the laundry room, plus that isn’tan section that they should have been in. After the heat pump plus cooling system were installed, the crew members left plus our wifey plus I looked at the apartment plus both of us were aggravated. I decided to call the Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair corporation. I took some pictures plus I sent an email to the corporate office. They agreed that the servicemans could have been more careful plus they provided to spend our money for a deep service cleaning on all of the carpets that were affected by the service servicemans. All of us took them up on the offer plus they paid a carpet cleaning contractor to handle the work.

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