The heating system at the cabin wouldn’t turn on

It was a long flight to the new city for us, but we were looking forward to the trip.

After many months of planning, we were finally going on an adventure of a lifetime.

As avid hikers, we had been to many local trails in and around our home. But this was going to be the longest one we ever tackled. To be close to nature, we opted to sleep in a hotel and booked a cabin in the park. It was a lovely little place with the essentials we needed, including a heating system. All this information was on the park website, plus the numbers of who to call in case of an emergency. We had to use the numbers as soon as we got to the cabin because the heating system wasn’t working. We tried turning on the furnace, but nothing happened. We were too worn out, but it wasn’t possible to rest in the freezing structure. So, we had to wait for the HVAC repair person sent by the cabin manager to arrive. The manager asked us to be patient since the HVAC expert was coming from town, about 45 minutes away. Instead of freezing in the house, we returned to our truck and turned on the car AC. It wasn’t long before we all nodded off. Only the gentle tap on the car window by the HVAC repair person woke us up. She had seen us fast asleep and opted not to disturb us until the unit was fixed. All was well with the heating system working away, which made the cabin feel lovely and warm. After thanking her, we all picked a bed and went straight to sleep.



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