The heating unit was on its last leg

My uncle has always been the best person in my life.

Ever since I was a kid, he and my aunt raised me as their son.

When I was four, my parents passed away in a road accident, and my uncle chose to take me in. He always says that he and my aunt had no plans to get any kids back then. But, the minute they had of the incident, they knew I was meant to be with them. They gave me everything I could ever need, and in return, I vowed to always take care of them. My uncle was a mechanic and retired early, while my aunt baked cakes and treats from home. Last winter, I had some time off work and went home to visit them. It was like instinct because I found out they were having issues with the heating unit in the house. The heating unit was over a decade old and couldn’t effectively heat the space. My uncle had kept this from me, trying to find a way to pay for a new heating unit himself. The college had been expensive, and he knew I had student debt. Still, I wasn’t happy with him for now informing me the heating unit was on its last leg. That night we had to turn on portable heaters in the bedrooms. The heating unit had finally given up and shut down. No amount of fixing would make it heat the house any longer. I made up my mind to use the savings I had to buy them a new heating unit despite my uncle’s protests. It was my turn to take care of him and my aunt just like they had done for me when I needed them the most.
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