The hot water in the tub envelopes my whole skin

Few things are as effective to jolt you back into consciousness than a swim in 45F water just for several minutes.

I am taking a sabbatical right now in the Arctic region for 3 months to recharge.

I’m still doing my writing task each day but this day I just couldn’t put pen to paper. All this was because of my feelings in regards to my ability to be a great author. I saw it fit to skip my Dunkin Donuts Latte at the local corporation down the street and head for a swim in the icy Arctic waters near the lodge. The electric furnace is cranked up right now in the bedroom of the chalet and my friend is getting a boiling bathtub of bubbles ready for me when I come back. I plan to enjoy a dip in the water to see if it gets my brain going, then I can write more when I’m done. Okay, I just got to the lodge from my dip in the sea and I must say that I feel so rejuvenated. The healing system next to me has warmed up the bedroom to a balmy 90F while the boiling water in the tub envelops my frigid skin and makes me feel wonderful. I am so alert and awake now you would believe I just drank a pot of coffee. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional back home got me into the dips when we met and I have been hooked ever since. I felt such a jolt of energy when my body came into contact with the frigid icy water.


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