The local heating company was hiring new technicians

My brother wasn’t always like the rest of us.

He loved sports and being outside while the rest of us preferred books.

That meant we did well in school while he only got minimal grades. But, one thing our parents made sure was he never felt like the odd one out. Yes, they were both educationists, but they also engaged my brother in what he loved doing. When he graduated from high school, he opted to skip college and go to an HVAC school. He’d long expressed interest in becoming an AC technician ever since he got a summer job for an independent AC company at 14. Our parents knew this was something he was interested in and encouraged him to pursue that. He worked for the company for three summers, and the owner ensured he got into a top HVAC school in the city. He would learn all the skills necessary to be at the top of the heating and cooling game. After completing his studies, he got the necessary certifications to work as an AC technician in the area. He wanted to work near home and came across a local heating company hiring new technicians. They loved that my brother had years of experience and was always interested in the HVAC industry. He had a good starting salary and benefits package, making more than us who went to college since we had student loans to pay back. We’re all so proud of him for finding his way, and he even ensures all our heating systems are set for winter. The way our parents brought us up was proof that every person has their strengths even if it’s different from the pack.


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