The mop vacuum we got ruined the ductwork system

I got my wife a single one of those vacuum cleaners that mops plus vacuums at the same time… She really wanted to have one but I was completely superb with just using an old fashioned vacuum plus mop myself although she insisted that this would make her life a great deal easier.

Since she does do more of the household chores than I do, I finally agreed.

I wish I hadn’t. It is not that the mop vacuum doesn’t toil well. It does… The concern is that both of us have been parking the wet vacuum over our Heating, Ventilation and A/C vent in the family room for roughly over a year now. It didn’t seem to be a severe setback, but both of us have quite a few vents in the family room alone! However, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company both of us use for repairs recently informed us that both of us have done a lot of damage to our HVAC duct. The dripping water has been going down inside of the ductwork all of that time plus now the ductwork system is all rusted out underneath the family room area. It is going to have to be replaced altogether. That dirty water is also the source of the odor in the household. The household has been smelling especially musty plus old lately. I wonder why! Anyhow, both of us are getting the ductwork system entirely replaced. The ductwork system that doesn’t need replacing is getting cleaned. In fact, our entire Heating, Ventilation and A/C device is getting serviced just to make sure this doesn’t cause any permanent damages. From now on, the mop vacuum is getting parked in the garage on top of a rubber mat. Hopefully it doesn’t do any more damage there.

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