The need for certification requirements delays my hybrid HVAC system replacement

When times are tough, the first thing we look for is the expenses we can do without. I am currently going through such hard times, and the only thing I can do is review my spending. Right now, I eat out less and less, don’t have meetings anyhow, I don’t go out and only buy essentials. I am still not saving enough, so when I planned to end my cable subscription, I also decided to review my heating and cooling equipment. I have been paying irregular bills in the last few months, but it’s all high, above my average budget, when I first did the HVAC installation. So I called in an HVAC serviceman to do an ad hoc inspection and service. The results revealed a disturbing condition of the ducts and AC unit. I could barely pay for this inspection, and I don’t think I would afford duct sealing or an AC filter exchange. But that was going to be the least of my worries, and it turns out I had to replace the hybrid HVAC system because it’s past its useful life. I sacrificed to get the HVAC for sale from a local HVAC supplier, but I didn’t expect what came next. Thinking I’d save money by doing a DIY installation, it turns out I need to have a specific EPA certification to handle a cooling and heating device installation with a refrigerant. I had no choice but to recall the technician to fix the air conditioner. But at least I got to set the thermostat and reset the air duct. After all, proper temperature control was going to save me cash. I wonder how I could manage if I had to deal with more demanding equipment like a steam boiler.

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