The quality heat and AC products installed at my grandmas

Two months ago I came back to the US to join my extended family after a year of excursion.

One of my favorite people is my grandmother.

She is just a jovial woman full of wisdom. I never tire of staying around her because there is always something to learn. Upon my return, I had planned to upgrade her HVAC system because she still used the old one from way back. This was going to be a surprise because she was away from the city for 5 days so the plan was to do the installation within the timeline. This had to work with a very reliable HVAC contractor. Therefore, I contacted a local business that I was referred to by my friend. She had told me that the heating dealer was very reliable and could deliver quality heating and air services. We agreed with the air conditioning expert to start the installation with immediate effect after the agreement on the HVAC service plan. The heating technician arrived early in the morning ready to install the quality HVAC. I needed the house to have great air quality, far much better than what we had before. The central heater was fixed with warmth distribution in every room. She no longer had to use the inefficient and small electric heater. The digital thermostat would help my grandma regulate the temperatures depending on her preference. When she arrived, she didn’t notice anything at first but after a while, she figured it out by just looking at the wall to see a new thermostat. I arranged with the heating dealer to ensure the washable filter can be checked every at furnace/heater service and replaced once it’s worn out. I was so glad to have brought a smile to my grandma after this long..

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