The radiant heated floors were really neat

My wife and I went to see some friends last year for Christmas.

We thought it might be fun to visit our friends and spend some time snowboarding on the mountain.

We stayed in a cabin about 30 minutes outside of the city. We were near the base of the mountain, so it wasn’t a difficult drive from the airport to the cabin. We rented a car from the airport terminal. The company didn’t have the car we selected, so they had to put us in a 4 wheel drive jeep for the price of a mid sized sedan. The drive from the airport was really pretty and filled with beautiful landscape and photo opportunities. As soon as we arrived at the cabin, we had to turn on the heat. It was chilly outside and still very frigid in the cabin. There were no lights on and the heat was off. It did not take long for the cabin to warm up. The cabin had radiant heated flooring as well as ductless heaters. The warm air seemed to come from the floor and the ceiling. It was very cozy and comfortable throughout the two room cabin. The radiant heated floors were very nice on the cold winter mornings when my wife and I had to wake up early to meet our friends. We went skiing together a couple of times and we met in the city for brunch as well. We spent a couple of days with our friends, but we also had a couple of romantic days when it was just the two of us.

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