The smart thermostat stumped me for two days

My wife and I went to visit her sister last weekend and she recently had a new HVAC system installed.

When the company installed the new equipment, my sister-in-law decided to buy a smart thermostat.

When my wife and I went to visit, she spent the whole weekend talking about the cool features. She showed my wife the application online and my wife was hooked. She loves new technology. I think it’s due to the fact that she is a gamer. She always likes to have the latest and greatest gaming system or accessories. She works hard for her money, so I never disagree when she wants something extravagant. I knew she was going to request a smart thermostat as soon as we came home from our weekend away. Sure enough, she brought up the subject on our drive home. She told me that she already researched some different models and she was certain that she found the right one. She ordered the item on the ride back to our place. The installation process turned out to be far more difficult than ordering the item online and waiting 3 days for the shipment. The smart thermostats stumped me for two days as I tried to hook up all of the components to our wireless router. I was ready to send the item back to the distributor, but I kept trying until I figured it out. When we controlled the indoor temperature from our car for the first time, it was a strange and weird feeling. I really hope we save money on the monthly energy bills with this cool gadget.

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