The worse skin issue ever

My close friend and her spouse have been trying to have a baby for over a decade now, then and finally, they got an adorable little girl.

She is the most rare thing and her parents treat her appreciate the little princess that she is! Recently they found out that the little baby has eczema, and her skin is always dry and forming red spots, then my associate got worried that it would get worse in the Winter because the gas furnace would dry the air out so much.

She looked into getting a whole home humidifier but decided that wasn’t for them… I don’t remember why. Anyway, they decided to get underfloor heating installed instead. Apparently underfloor heating is far less drying than forced air heat tends to be, of course this meant that all of the floors in the house would have to be pulled up so that the heating elements could be venued under the flooring… They, essentially, had to take everything out of the house as if they were moving, and well, the movers did anyway. My friend, and her family, were hanging out at our house for almost a month while all of this was taking place. I have to say that once they were ready to move back into their home with new underfloor heating I was upset to see them go. I have entirely grown to love that little two month old girl, but, I am sure, they will need a babysitter from time to time. And when they do I will be ready and sitting by. If I’m lucky I will get to watch her in their home. Then I can start to enjoy the underfloor heating as well.

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