There are bugs, lots and lots of bugs

Living in a rural area has many quacks.

Among them are all the bugs, lots and lots of bugs.

If you’re not fond of bugs, we’d advise staying in the metropolitan or suburban area. Where we live, there are so many bugs of all sizes. Another exhausting thing is that it can be hard to find amenities like shops around here. We must drive to get anywhere and buy supplies. We’ve been having an issue with wasps and bees buzzing around our home. These yellow jackets and bumble bees are creating nests around the property, and they keep getting inside of our home. We have no issue with bumble bees that much, because they generally don’t sting. It’s the wasps we can’t stand. Luckily, it’s easy to find exterminators. But, finding local exterminators is hard based on where we live. Urban dwellers have complications with bumble bees, honey bees and wasps, so wasp extermination is a booming business. Unfortunately, living in a rural area, there are not many yellow jacket removal places around us. We were forced to call several businesses and see if they’d be willing to make the drive to see us. We were just about ready to stop calling when the last place we spoke with agreed to come and help us out. They’ll be removing the bees and wasps in our area, much to our relief. We’ll have to start using them as the main way to get rid of the bees.



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