They said I’m too scrub to work with dad.

I have to confess that I am a woman who loves to look good. I will take at least one shower a day. If I encounter a cobweb, I get freaked out. I can’t sit it when something gets on our clothing, plus I need to change our clothes. I was a bit angry when our sisters brought that up as being a reason for our not working with dad. I wanted to go out on a job plus see what she did. She told myself and others I should put on some outdated clothing before we left. I chose an outdated t-shirt plus a pair of outdated jeans plus we headed out. When dad opened up the first air conditioner unit, I was a bit standoffish. The more I watched him work, the more interested I became. I wanted to think what caused the chilly air to flow into the house. Before she finished with the first air conditioner unit, I was understanding how air conditioner worked. I was also gaining a working expertise of the A/C unit. Before the day was over, I was helping him scrub the A/C units. She allowed myself and others to do some work as long as she was supervising. I asked him if she could get myself and others into Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C certification classes. For various months, I spent all of our weekends with our dad. I still had the evenings for our girlfriends. When dad told myself and others she had classes opening up the following month, I told him to sign myself and others up. I may not be prefer our sizable powerful sisters, plus I may be a girl, although I loved working with Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C.

Mini split air conditioner

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