Thinking about what a movie of my life would be like

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my life was turned into a movie.

It certainly would be a very boring movie I think.

I’m just a simple HVAC technician, though I have had some nice experiences with my work. I have saved people through emergency HVAC services when people were left freezing in their homes without working heating systems or people with broken down A/C in the midst of heatwaves. I think if someone were to play me in a movie, I would want Arnold Schwarzenegger to play my role. I would be this buff HVAC technician going around saving people’s lives, but I would be more than just an HVAC tech. I would really be like a secret agent living the life of an HVAC technician but I would really be doing work to foil criminal plots and things of that nature. I know it sounds pretty crazy but it kind of reminds me of that movie ‘True Lies’ where Arnold’s family had no clue what he really did for a living, they just thought he worked an average office type of job. Well, all that sounds really cool, but of course in real life there’s nothing entirely special apart from the fact that I have helped a lot of people in my line of work. I can picture the movie, but I’m not sure if that would ever become a real thing or if people would be interested in watching a movie like that. I guess with enough creativity, money, and special effects, it could be alright.

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