Thinking about what I would do with a million dollars

A neighbor asked me once what I would do with a million dollars, but first of all I said I would own a nice sized beach condo on a lake with plenty of land, and i would want to have at least 30 acres of land that is packed with wildlife. I would want to be able to go hunting on my own land and I would want to have plenty of fish in my lake for fishing. I would want my condo to be equipped with a powerful solar panel system that covers all of my electrical needs so that I don’t have to be affixed to the grid. I would want a few cars, including a hummer so it’s easy to go on off road trips. It would easily be nice to get one of those electric powered hummers so that I don’t have to depend on gas all of the time. I would also want to have the ultimate weather conditions control system in my house. I would want to have a boiler system that powers the radiant radiant heated floors throughout the household. I would want a nice ductless mini break system throughout the condo as well… This could all be powered by the solar panel system as ductless mini splits are severely energy efficient, however also, I wouldn’t have to heat and cool the entire household because I would have Heating and A/C zone control, however on top of having that type of ductless Heating and A/C system, I would like to have a really nice smart temperature control where I could easily adjust the temperature control settings in all sections of the house. It would be the perfect life for me!

Zone controlled HVAC

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