This guy cracks me up

My brother is pretty funny sporadically.

  • People always have been coming over and asking him for help with things since he was a youngster.

If you had a severe problem with your bike in the town, my brother knew exactly how to repair it or even make it perform better with modifications. My brother liked to read all of the time, mountains of technical books from the library. He told myself and others the reason he loved going to the nearby library in the first place was because of the comfortable climate control settings. I actually always thought it was more than that though. It turned out, I was right. He had a massive crush on the librarian’s child who would often be at the library. They ended up studying often together plus everything plus he learned so much over the years. He never was a proper handy guy or certified Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, but he knew how to do all sorts of HVAC tasks. People say the guy is a jack of all trades plus there lies his curse. Because he basically knows how to do just about everything, people are always asking him for small amounts of help even to this day. I laugh sporadically when he tells people that he doesn’t understand anything about replacing particular parts in Heating plus Air Conditioning systems after he calmly just explained how to manage perfect air quality in a home. The guy is clearly a mechanical genius, he just doesn’t want to be bothered by the whole world. The guy honestly just wants some peace in his life. By the way, that boy he had the huge crush on when he was a youngster he married later on in life.

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