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I was truly proud of my acquaintance when he finally told myself and others that he started up his own Heating plus Air Conditioning business after years of waiting. I immediately asked him if there was room for myself and others in his business. That’s precisely when he hesitated. He said that he couldn’t hire myself and others just yet. I honestly wanted to think what was going on plus so he explained further. He let myself and others in on the secret that for starters that I needed to get my Heating plus Air Conditioning certification to finally be able to do this job on an proper level. He also needed to think about my job experience history plus if I had none then I needed some proper training. He then got into the entire insurance aspect of things plus said he was not yet officially able to hire other professionals on staff because they would not be covered by his insurance. It was a lot of stuff to consider at that point in the business plus I told him I would get started with my learning, because I truly wanted to work for him. He did his thing with his business plus he started to eventually become known in the community. He was doing many specials left plus right. When I was fully Heating plus Air Conditioning certified, he brought myself and others on with the training at the shop plus I was able to help a good deal when he entirely needed the help. He was certainly getting booked up plus he needed more professionals. I even helped him with the hiring process plus all of us got a bunch of current HVAC professionals who were eager to learn plus do nice work. I’m thankful to my acquaintance for letting me come have a job for him.


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