Those who don’t like bugs should stay in the city

Living in a rural area isn’t for the faint hearted.

One issue that my mother faces is all the bugs. People who detest bugs have a better chance of surviving in the city or suburban area. Where my mom lives there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of insects. My mom also complains it’s difficult to find local dealers around here. She often has to drive for miles to shops. Mom has been complaining about wasps and bees buzzing around the house. The yellow jackets and bumble bees are creating nests in the area, and as a result they keep getting into our home. Mom has no issue with bumble bees, because they generally don’t sting. The wasps though, she wants them out of here. Gladly, it’s not tough at all to find exterminators, the issue is finding local exterminators. Many homeowners have complications with bumble bees, honey bees and wasps, so wasp extermination is available today. But, living in a rural area, there aren’t any yellow jacket removal experts around her. Mom tried to call several companies and see if they’d be willing to make the drive to see her. She was almost losing hope when the last location said they served the area. They’d come to remove all bees and wasps making mom quite happy. She plans to always call them for similar jobs.

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