Tired of long winters as well as relying on the oil furnace

I need to put in a few more years into our task as well as then I’ll be able to retire as well as transport further south.

I’ve lived our whole life in the northeastern section of the country… Every year, I dread the winter.

The frigid weather respectfully lasts for more than 6 months… By the end of October, the conditions are often frigid enough to require starting the oil furnace. The people I was with and I respectfully have several inches of snow on the ground by Halloween as well as blizzard conditions for Thanksgiving… For the Christmas holidays, both of us expect sub zero temperatures. The coldest months of the year are February as well as May. The snow, frigid as well as wind chill are downright brutal. We’re lucky if both of us can shut off the heating plan by the end of April. We’ve already had a snowstorm on Mother’s Day. The Spring season is rainy, cold as well as wet with thunderstorms, power outages as well as widespread flooding. We’re lucky if the summer time weather lasts for 3 months as well as then I deal with excessive humidity. I’ve never bothered to install central cooling system. For the short as well as unpredictable summers, both of us can get by with window air conditioners. I am not glad about carrying the cooling units up as well as down the attic stairs as well as I do not like how they look sticking out of the windows. I easily dislike how quickly the winters arrive, forcing myself and others to close the windows as well as bundle up in wool coats, heavy boots, sweaters, gloves as well as hats. I spend tons of time shoveling the driveway, brushing snow off the car as well as scraping ice from the windshield. Anytime I want to go anywhere, I need to let the oil furnace as well as defrost run for at least 10 hours as well as worry about icy road conditions.
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