Upgrading to zoned heating and cooling

We no longer need to walk to the living room and manually adjust the temperature.

When we first moved into our house, we controlled the temperature through a single thermostat installed in the living room. The location of the thermostat was a problem. It was situated too close to where the heated or cooled air flowed from a supply vent. This created a false reading. The thermostat would think that the whole house was perfectly warm or cool and instruct the furnace or air conditioner to shut down. The bedrooms upstairs were often overheated or freezing cold. Raising or lowering the thermostat setting put a lot of extra work on the heating and cooling units. They were targeting every room in the house. I was paying to maintain ideal comfort in a lot of empty rooms. There are specific rooms in the house that are exposed to afternoon sunlight while others are constantly in the shade. There are other rooms that don’t have enough supply vents and achieving comfort is a challenge. I wanted to be able to focus on the requirements of each individual room. When our furnace and air conditioner needed to be replaced, I opted to spend more money for an Energy Star rated system that includes zone control. We no longer need to walk to the living room and manually adjust the temperature. We have a smart thermostat installed in each room that links to an app on my smartphone. Whether I’m tucked in bed, at work or away on vacation, I can easily raise or lower temperature. I can avoid heating/cooling empty rooms and target those that we are using to ensure perfect comfort. It’s much easier to conserve energy when we’re away from home and ensure that we return to ideal comfort.

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