Wanted automatic shades, cat did not

Living in the South can be difficult at times. I am not originally from this region of the country and there are many differences in cultural expectations and basic ways of doing things. Everyone around here is rather conservative and rather slow. They’re always taking their time getting from place to place when they aren’t expressing outdated cultural beliefs that I don’t agree with. I also have a difficult time with the humidity that we experience on a regular basis. I know that it is expected to have hot air, but it’s the mugginess that drives me insane. I do everything I can to control my indoor air temperature but it seems like nothing is ever enough. It really doesn’t help that we have pounding sunshine everyday which streams into the house and heats up my air temperature even further. I’ve gotten very tired of trying to run my air conditioning unit enough to offset the brutal outdoor air temperatures. As such, I decided to finally invest in automatic shades like I had always wanted. These automatic window shades work great to block out sun before it can offset your indoor air temperature controls. The automatic shades were relatively cheap to purchase and install. I noticed a difference in my indoor air quality almost immediately. Unfortunately, so did my cat. Apparently it is not acceptable to block her sunlight out of the house. Since the automatic shades keep closing when they detect direct sunlight, she can’t bask in the warm spot anymore. As a result, my cat has taken to attacking the automatic temperature controlling shades until they raise back up. Thanks to this prissy cat, my HVAC bills have been climbing once again.



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